SUN2000L – 5KTL




The SUN2000L is a single-phase grid-tied PV string inverter that converts the DC power generated by PV strings into AC power and feeds the electricity into the power grid.

Networking Application

The SUN2000L applies to a residential rooftop grid-tied system. Typically, a grid-tied system consists of the PV string, grid-tied inverter, AC switch, and power distribution unit.

Figure: Network diagram 


 indicates a power cable,  indicates the power flow direction, and  indicates a signal cable

A. PV string

B. DC switch

C. SUN2000L

D. AC switch

E. Power distribution

F. Smart Power Sensor

G. Power meter

H. Power gird

I. Battery

J. Battery switch

K. Alarm beacon

L. Residential load

Supported Power Grid

The power grids supported by the SUN2000L include TN-S, TN-C, TN-C-S, and TT. In a TT power grid, the N-PE voltage should be lower than 30 V.

Figure: Power grid types

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