SUN2000 – (175KTL-H0, 185KTL- INH0, 185KTL – H1)

The SUN2000 inverter is a three-phase grid-tied PV string inverter that converts the DC power generated by PV strings into AC power and feeds the power into the power grid.




This document involves the following product models:

  • SUN2000-175KTL-H0
  • SUN2000-185KTL-INH0
  • SUN2000-185KTL-H1

Note: The SUN2000-175KTL-H0 is applicable only to the Chinese mainland. For other countries or regions, Huawei does not provide quality assurance.

Network Application

The inverter applies to grid-tied PV systems for commercial rooftop PV plants and large PV plants. Typically, a grid-tied PV system consists of the PV string, inverter, AC power distribution unit, and step-up transformer.

(A) PV string

(B) Inverter

(C) AC distribution unit (ACDU)

(D) Step – up transformer

(E) Power grid

Note: The SUN2000 is powered by a dedicated power transformer instead of connecting to low voltage overhead power lines.

Supported Power Grid

The inverter supports the IT power grid.

Figure: Support power grid

Note: The SUN2000 can also apply to the AC power system with the neutral point grounding of the step-up transformer. The SUN2000 itself does not connect to any neutral wire.

Figure: AC power system with the neutral point grounding

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