Smart Logger 1000A




The SmartLogger monitors and manages the PV power system. It converges all ports, converts protocols, collects and stores data, and centrally monitors and maintains the devices in the PV power system.

Networking Application

The SmartLogger applies to a PV power system. It supports the following:

  • Local operations on the SmartLogger using the mobile phone app through the built-in WLAN
  • RS485 networking, which enables the SmartLogger to connect to:
    • Huawei devices such as solar inverters and PID modules
    • Third-party solar inverters, environment monitoring instruments (EMIs), transformer substations, and power meters that use the Modbus-RTU protocol
    • Power meters that use the DL/T645 protocol
    • Devices that use the IEC103 protocol
  • MBUS networking, which enables the SmartLogger to connect to the SUN2000 solar inverters and the PID-PVBOX.
  • Ethernet, 2G, 3G, or 4G networking, which allows the SmartLogger to connect to a management system that uses the Modbus TCP or IEC104 protocol

Note: When the IEC104 protocol is used, 4G/3G/2G networking is not recommended.

Figure: Networking application

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