KLK 406-700

Providing an easy and inexpensive way to mount on Klip – Look type roofs without penetrations. No rails were used in the installation and no holes were drilled through the roof. Solar modules were fixed with End Clamp and Inner Clamp directly to the Hopergy interface, which are secured firmly onto the roof rib. The interface for Klip-Lok type roofs is designed with EPDM rubber with the benefits of high corrosion resistance and with the maximum possible lifespan. It is compatible with Hopergy’s tilt legs allowing tilt angles from 10 to 60 degree to maximize the system performance.




Roof type: KlipLok 406,KlipLok 700, Speed Deck Ultra 

Mounting Method: Clamping

Colour: Silver

Compatibility: Tilt Legs, L Feet, Inter Clamp, End Clamp

Metarial: Anodized Alumninum 6005-T5, EPDM rubber

Warranty: 10 years and 25 years Service Life

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