Conext Quick Fit for North America

Pre-wired solar solution for grid-interactive, storage, backup and off-grid solar applications. Available for the North American markets

Save installation time and cost with Schneider Electric’s pre-wired solar system, ConextTM Quick Fit. Just mount on the wall with an included bracket and you’re ready to go!

Including ConextTM hybrid inverter, ConextTM MPPT charge controllers, ConextTM Monitoring Communication device, ConextTM Power Distribution Panel, ConextTM SCP andConextTM Battery Monitor, this pre-wired solar system is an all-in-one, plug-n-play solution for grid-interactive, storage, backup, and off-grid applications.

Designed to Schneider Electric’s rigorous reliability and quality standards, the ConextTM Quick Fit is the ideal solution for residential applications.

Part number

  • ConextTM Quick Fit XW+ H – 865-6848-01HPS
  • ConextTM Quick Fit XW+ L – 865-6848-01LPS
  • ConextTM Quick Fit SW 4048 – 865-4048LPS
  • ConextTM Quick Fit SW 4024 – 865-4024LPS
  • ConextTM Quick Fit XW Pro H – 865-6848-21HPS
  • ConextTM Quick Fit XW Pro L – 865-6848-21LPS
  • ConextTM Quick Fit XW Pro – 865-6848-21QF



Why choose Conext Quick Fit

Easy to install

  • Configures quickly using the ConextTM Gateway and the ConextTM Insight 2 (For ConextTM XW Pro model only)
  • System configures quickly into compact wall-mounted system
  • Integrates both grid and generator power with dual AC inputs
  • Available in pre-wired systems using the Conext low-voltage or high-voltage MPPT battery charge controllers

Higher return on investment

  • Save installation cost and time with the pre-wired system


  • Choose from a broad range of Quick Fit options to find the best combination of ConextTM hybrid inverter chargers, MPPT charge controllers, monitoring and communication device, Power Distribution Panel, ConextTMSCP, and ConextTM Battery Monitor (for XW+ and XW Pro models only)
  • Select a hybrid inverter from ConextTM XW Pro, ConextTM XW+, and ConextTM SW
  • For a charge controller, select either ConextTM MPPT 80 600 (for XW Pro and XW+ only) or ConextTM MPPT 60 150

Easy to service

  • Monitor, troubleshoot or upgrade firmware with the ConextTM Gateway and the ConextTM Insight 2
  • Field serviceable with replacement components


Conext Quick Fit
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