Conext CL-60E String Inverter

The ideal solution for decentralized power plants and large commercial buildings

Turn a rooftop or unused land into a profitable source of green, renewable energy, with CL-60 String Inverter.

Along with Schneider Electric’s rigorous reliability procedures, CL-60 is durable and designed for long-term reliability. With an industry-leading maximum efficiency of 98.9%, it reduces your operating costs and your Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). For commercial properties or decentralized utilities seeking a solar solution that generates the maximum power, easy and quick services, while promoting grid stability— CL-60 is the smart business choice.

CL-60 is also compatible with Conext™ Gateway and Insight for easier remote asset management and troubleshooting.

We’re honored to announce that Schneider Electric’s CL-60 is named as a Top Performer in PV Evolution Labs’ (PVEL) PV Inverter Reliability Scorecard. The PVEL PV Inverter Reliability Scorecard is designed to provide with insight into long-term reliability of inverters. CL-60 has been identified as a top performer in multiple tests including MPPT efficiency, conversion efficiency, energy harvest, and power thermal cycling.

Part number
CL-60E (IEC Standard) – PVSCL60E




Why Choose CL-60 E String Inverter

Higher return on investment

  • Integrated wiring box reduces your CAPEX
  • String monitoring included
  • 98.7% maximum efficiency

Designed for reliability

  • Robust design through rigorous reliability procedures
  • Design and qualified for applications in tropical environments

Ease of installation and service

  • Pre-wired PV quick connectors
  • Zero tilt for flat mounting

Solution to support grid connectivity

  • Broad range of Schneider Electric MV products for a complete solution
  • Embedded grid management features


Rooftop for Feed-in-Tariff
Rooftop for Self-Consumption with Storage
Rooftop for Self-Consumption / Net Metering
PV-Diesel Hybridization

How to videos

CL-60 Installation Part 1 – Mounting video explains how to inventory and mount CL-60E PV grid-tied inverters.

CL-60 Installation Part 2 – Electrical Connections video explains how to make power and communications connects on CL-60E PV grid-tied inverters.

The CL-60 Installation Part 3 – Commissioning video explains how to commission CL-60E PV grid-tied inverters and get it up and running.

CL-60 PV Fuse Replacement video explains how to replace an expended PV fuse on CL-60E PV grid-tied inverters from Schneider Electric.

CL-60 External Fan Replacement video explains how to replace the external cooling fans on CL-60E PV grid-tied inverters from Schneider Electric.

CL-60 DC SPD Replacement video explains how to diagnose and replace expended DC Surge Protection Devices on CL-60E PV grid-tied inverters from Schneider Electric.


DS20200812 CL 60 Chinese
DS20200812 CL 60
Conext CL 60 Modbus Registers Map
Conext CL 60 Firmware Upgrade App Note 976-0380-01-01 REV-B ENG 1
Conext CL 60 Active Reactive Power Control App Note 976-0381-01-01 ENG 1
Conext CL 60E and File Exported in PDF
CT20200423 Guia Para Instaladores Solares Schneider Electric IEC for Web
CT20200423 Solar Installer Handbook IEC for Web
BR20170505 Conext CL 60 String Inverter
Contractual Warranty for Models CL125E, CL60E, XW, MPPT80, MPPT60 and MPPT Disconnect RS
Conext CL 60E Generial Certification 201702 IEC 61727 62116 61683 60068 ENG
Conext CL 60E General Certification of Conformity EMC 201702 EN61000 ENG
Conext CL 60E General Certificate 201701 IEC EN 62109 2 IEC EN 62109-1 ENG
Conext CL 60E General CE Declaration of Conformity Rev 4 965 0068 01 01 REV-A
Conext CL 60E France Certificate 201702 VDE-0126-1-1 UTE-C15-712-1 ENG
CR201802 Conext CL 60E South Africa Certificate NRS 097-2017
Conext CL 60 SunSpec Certification Models 1 201704
CL 60E UK Certificate 201702 G59 3 ENG
Conext CL 60E Germany Certificate 201701 VDE-0126 VDE-4105 DE
Conext CL 60E Germany Certificate 201701 BDEW DE
ML20171221 Conext CL 60E JP Quickstart Installation Guide 975-0769-01-01 Rev-E ENG
ML20171221 Conext CL 60 Owners Guide 975-0768-01-01 REV-G ENG
Conext CL 60E Solution Guide 975-0782-01-01 ENG
Conext CL 60 EasyConfig Tool Owners Guide 975-0773-01-01 REV-B ENG

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