Mock up - PV Power Plant

String Inverter Solution – 1000V

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String Inverter Solution – 1000V

Secure your investment in a photovoltaic power plant system with Schneider Electric’s global experience and proven technology.
Solar solution for:
-Project developers,IPP,EPCs


Sol Energy Reliable partner
  • Decentralized architecture, full grid support features and system capability
  • Enhanced uptime thanks to high quality and reliable designs
  • Global service and support network
  • Simple and adaptable service contracts from a  truly bankable partner


Decentralized photovoltaic power plant solution includes:

  • Conext CL series three phase string inverter with integrated DC wiring box
  • AC combiner box with AC disconnect
  • AC re-combiner box
  • LV/MV transformer
  • MV switchgear
  • Solar monitoring system

In a ground mounted photovoltaic power plant system, multiple string inverters are connected to an AC combiner box. and multiple AC combiner boxes are connected to AC re-combiner box, LV/MV transformer and switchgear before the connection to the  medium voltage grid.

Using three phase string inverters, customers can benefit from faster installation and minimal system downtime due to short replacement lead time and ease of servicing. Also the optimized design approach around standard building blocks can allow customer scale project sizes up and down with ease.

Mockup - PV Power plan


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