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Solar Power Inverter

What is a solar power inverter?

Solar Inverter is the electronics that are considered the most important and the most complex of photovoltaic systems, this solar inverter is responsible for converting Direct Current (DC) from batteries or solar panels to Is an alternating current (AC) standard for use with electrical equipment and tools that AC General Shopping.

The operation of the solar inverter

The solar inverter will convert DC from the battery or solar panel and transform it into AC by working of the switching transistor by switching on-off. The fast-flowing direct current circuits of the transistor combined with transformers enable the conversion of direct current into alternating current and output.
The quality and complexity of the solar inverter will output the signal in different ways such as Square wave, Modified sine wave and Pure sine wave.

Types of solar inverters

Solar electricity inverters can be classified according to their usage as follows

  • Stand-alone inverter solar inverter
    Is used for installation in areas that do not have electrical systems or have electrical problems and must have a backup battery divided by the output signal as follows
  • Square wave solar power inverter
    Will reverse the DC voltage easily 100, 120 times per second (1 cycle consisting of the upper and lower voltages) causing very high signal distortion, therefore not suitable for use with general electrical equipment
  • Modified sine wave solar inverters
    The output signal is 4 voltage levels per cycle. The output is a step-by-step, although the signal is not as good as the transmission system, but is cheaper, high efficiency and can be used with most standard electrical equipment such as TVs. , Radios, computers, and microwaves, etc., as well as being a good alternative to small solar cell systems, but may not be suitable for some electrical or electronic equipment that Vehicles that require resolution and precision, such as tools / wireless devices, copiers, laser printers, etc.
  • Sine wave solar inverters
    Outputs the signal in a smooth, even curve, so it is called Pure sine wave. The electrical signal is very similar to the transmission system because it provides the best quality AC power. It works well with almost all types of AC equipment, including equipment Electricity with motors, AC water pumps, electronic tools and used with a larger home electrical distribution system. The result of a collision Up to 256 Pressure rating per cycle

Since in solar cell systems, solar inverters are connected to batteries and electrical equipment, the solar inverter should be considered.

  • Choose a solar inverter to match the size of the battery used, such as 12 V, 24 V 48 V and 120 V etc.
  • Choose a solar inverter that has more electric power (number of watts) than the total electric power of all electrical devices that must be used at a time.
  • If used with induction devices such as motors, water pumps, washing machines and microwave ovens, etc., there will be a surge when starting the engine, so consider the maximum surge size.

If talking about efficiency, it is found that there are differences depending on the electrical equipment used. In practice, the maximum efficiency of the machine is at 60-80% of the size of the solar inverter, the machine itself requires the power to started with a large solar inverter, when used with very low-power devices. It will be less efficient, such as a 1 kW solar inverter to use with a 20 W radio may require 30-40 W of electricity from the battery

  • Solar power inverter with grid connected inverter
    Has been used for energy conservation and installed in the area of the transmission line system, for connection with the principle of solar energy obtained from the solar panel will be imported solar inverter to convert to AC by following. The electrical signal in the transmission system is always pushing the electricity back into the transmission system which helps to reduce the electricity cost in the integrated system. Solar inverters will have to be complicated, and control signals Pure sine wave significantly, the system does not need a battery to back up power.

Nowadays, solar inverters have been produced with complete specifications for use as well as being able to connect to external devices. Steps to help charge the battery faster, transfer switch to ensure continuous power source transfer, install a detection circuit to shut down automatically in the event that power cannot be supplied. To working devices or very low DC power supply voltages to prevent the battery from overcharging the electricity. The program to monitor the status and power, etc., as well.

After the conversion of electricity to meet the needs, how is the electricity used … The next part to be presented is the story of “Electrical equipment for photovoltaic systems” but which electrical equipment will be chosen and how you will know for sure

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