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Grid-Tied Solar Inverters with Battery Backup

Secure power for your home during grid outages by retrofitting your grid-tied system with backup power using proven Schneider Electric’s solutions.
Solar solution for:
-Single family home



Solar electric protection
  • Retrofit seamlessly with installed PV inverters
  • Complete reliability with industry leading solution
  • Seamless switchover to keep your power on during outage


During grid outages PV Inverter production cannot occur, so a home with a PV inverter system installed will not have power during an outage. However for homes that have a PV Inverter system installed and are already selling power to the grid, it is still possible to retrofit backup power using ConextTM XW ProXW+ or SW inverter chargers.

In a FIT program either ConextTM XW Pro, XW+ or SW is added behind PV inverter to provide backup, no change to PV inverter FIT wiring is required. However backup power is limited to the capacity of the battery bank and the solar system cannot be used to charge the batteries while the grid is down.

In a NET metered program the ConextTM XW Pro or XW+ inverter charger is added in front of PV inverter to provide backup power. The PV inverter is rewired from the grid connection to critical load subpanel and AC Couple is on AC Output port.


ConextTM solutions includes:

  • Seamless switchover
  • Powerful load starting
  • Fast efficient ChargePower technology
  • Scalable battery reserve
  • CouplingPower – AC couple with PV power
Retrofit FIT meter


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